2021 Ulsan International Hydrogen Energy Forum is opening new chapter in international network
where exchanges the most up-to-date information, knowledge and technology with government,
public organizations, companies, R&D centers, and leaders from domestic and overseas in Hydrogen industry.

Forum overview

2021 Ulsan International Hydrogen Energy Forum
November 11-12, 2021
Convention Hall, Ulsan Exhibition & Convention Center
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Forum Organizer
Korea Hydrogen Industry Association (Tel. +82.70.4924.7311 / Email. forum@h2world2021.com)


  • Session 1.
    Hydrogen Strategy

    National Hydrogen Roadmap for Green Hydrogen Production and Fuel Cell Application

  • Session 2.
    Hydrogen Mobility

    Hydrogen-Powered (Fuel Cell) Mobility Applications - Commercial Vehicle, Heavy-duty Vehicle, Ship, Train, Tram, Drone, Bike

  • Session 3.
    Fuel Cells for Power Generation

    Large-scaled Power Generation using various Fuel Cell Technologies - PEM, SOFC, AFC, PAFC, MCFC, etc.

  • Session 4.
    Hydrogen Production

    Value chain of Hydrogen Production including Supply, Distribution, Refueling and Maintenance

※ Registration Page will be open in January 2021.