We are pleased to invite you to Ulsan, The leading Hydrogen City in South Korea

Ulsan is trying to become the best hydrogen city of South Korea in 2030
With the leaders of Industry, Academia, Research and Government.
Planning the Vision of the World Leading H2 City
(110 companies)
  • Announcement of 10 projects to foster the hydrogen industry
  • Goals for the world's No. 1 city in the hydrogen industry in 2030
Designated as H2 City(Pilot)
(4 Agencies and Companies)
  • Creating a hydrogen pilot city linked to housing, transportation and industry
    • Construction of Hydrogen Piping Network (10km): Yeocheon Ogeori, Nam-gu, and Hyundai Motor Company 5 Plant
    • Development of hydrogen fuel cells (1,189 kW), construction of complex hydrogen charging stations (three units)
* National/public rental housing (810 households), nursing homes, cultural centers, government offices, 10 city buses, and one city tour bus.
Designated as Hydrogen Green Mobility Regulation-Free Zone
(24 Agencies and Enterprises)
  • Demonstration of hydrogen-powered vehicles, hydrogen-free transport vehicles, hydrogen ships, hydrogen charging stations, hydrogen ship charging stations, and hydrogen supply systems
Designated as H2 Mobility Cluster
(4 Agencies and Companies)
  • Creating an industrial complex specializing in hydrogen and establishing a base for testing/evaluation/certification of hydrogen materials and components
  • Hydrogen Mobility in the Land/Sea/Air Field by Integrating Hydrogen Specialized Companies
  • Value Chain Construction Project
Fuel Cell Demonstration for Power Generation
  • Hydrogen fuel cell research, hydrogen quality certification, and 1MW demonstration test platform installation
Korea’s largest hydrogen production and distribution infrastructure
  • 820,000 tons of hydrogen produced annually (50% nationwide)
  • 120 km of hydrogen-supplied piping in the area (60% nationwide)
  • Operate 400 hydrogen tube trailers (73% nationwide)